We are often asked how our “band” came to be. Friendship and fun is at the heart of it all, but this is our story:

“You defiantly resist the urge to watch or listen, but you are finally overcome by an overwhelming sense of excitement and inclusion created by this group of fun-loving individuals……and then you turn your head” – anonymous Trainwreck groupie

Trainwreck was established in 2013 when a group of aging gentlemen were looking for ways to provide their spouses the “alone time” they so needed and deserved.  Bowling, dart or pool leagues did not appeal, so the idea to form a band was raised.  Why not?  It did not matter that not one of us had ever been in a band before, or had even played an instrument for that matter.  It was simply the best idea ever hatched!  We would become legends!  This stuff is easy!  After several months of ‘self-taught’ lessons on guitars and drums, it was time to put our new-found skills to the test. A close friend of the group was the chosen audience and it didn’t take long for him to associate the perfect band name to what he had just witnessed. And Trainwreck was born!! The good news is we have improved over the years and more importantly we have added several extremely talented musicians and vocalists to hide our flaws. But if you listen close, you will likely catch one of our famous and beloved Trainwreck moments. Folks, we aren’t perfect, but we are fun.

We play primarily modern country music.  If you hear it on the radio there is a good chance we play it.  We are constantly chasing the new, fun songs. We do mix in a few old country and rock-n-roll songs as well.  The songs that we cover must meet at least 4 but preferably all 5 of the following criteria:

  • The song must be fun
  • The song must be one that everyone knows
  • The song must make people want to shake their feet rapidly
  • The song must make people’s mouths echo its words
  • The song must be about imbibing in your favorite beverage

So that’s us.  We hope you join us for 3-4 hours of fun sometime soon.  And if you do decide to partake in a Trainwreck, just remember “The more you drink, the better we sound!”

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