Thank You

We would like to offer a special thanks to the following people that have been instrumental in helping us get where we are today:

First and foremost, our spouses – oh the hours of noise they have endured.  But think of all the hours of ‘free-time’ this habit has produced for you!

Tim Bryan (Indianola), Rich Parker (Centerville) and Allen Goben (Dallas) – These three were key players in getting us started.  We wouldn’t be here without you!!

Jim Tupper (Ground Zero Music – Indianola) – This guy has completely taken us under his wing.  The amount of lipstick he has slapped on this pig single-handedly keeps Lancome’ in business!  He is simply the best sound guy ever!

Joe and Amanda Ripperger (Sports Page Bar and Grill – Indianola) – They were the ones that gave us our first big shot at playing live music in front of a sizable crowd.  They have been incredibly supportive of our habits (all of them).

Andy Leech (Indianola) – our manager.  Yes, we need one!  Thank you for all you do!

Gary Jacobsen (Indianola) – our transportation supervisor.  Yes, we have one!  Thanks for the use of the Trainwreck Toy Hauler.  Also thank you for building the famous Derailment Shotski that accompanies us to every show. 

Our Groupies!  You know who you are.  We are thinking about calling you Trainwreck’dums. Without you we would cease to exist, period.  Playing for you is an amazing experience!  We love you all!!!!!!

TrainWreck Indianola Iowa – Groupies