Greg Carpenter

Back in 1983 at age 16, Greg joined “The Bandits” band out of Muscatine, Iowa. He had to try out but was recommend heavily by the bass player which also happened to be his Dad. That gig lasted 3 years until he set off to Simpson College in Indianola. With the drums sitting idle in his parents basement, his little brother Gary proceeded to break/destroy every drum and the entire set was placed in storage for 20+ years until the beginning stages of Trainwreck. That same Ludwig drum set was brought out of storage, restored, and eventually set up in the Trainwreck Studio (Mike’s basement) around 2011 for the first time. That has been their home for the past 8 years. In the early days, drums were played while Mike and Brad sang Karaoke. Once the band was beginning to form with actual guitar players, new cymbals were added along with new pedals, a cowbell, a tambourine and a woodblock.  The final touch was the addition of the Trainwreck logo on the bass drum.

Greg looks forward playing music with his band mates every Thursday evening which has become known as Trainwreck practice night. He would like to thank his wife Jill for her continued support of him and the band. He would also like to thank his daughter Mackenzie and son Ryan for their continued support and showing up at practices over the years to offer their opinions on different songs and of course – to have a drink. He’d like to thank his Dad, Tom for getting him started with “The Bandits” and being the Trainwreck lead guitar player as Trainwreck was being formed even though he lived 150 miles away.  Finally he would like to thank all his friends for continuing to show up to listen to our music and say “they enjoy it”.  Lucky for them, there has always been plenty of beer everywhere we play until the Busch Lite is sold out.  Remember, The more you drink, the better we sound!

Thanks All!