Jess Howe

When asked “what’s your favorite song to sing?”, there is no possible way for me to answer that! I love it all… Oldies, Rock n’ Roll, Country, Pop, Rap… you name it, I’ve attempted to sing it. I grew up loving artists/bands like Mamma Cass, Etta James, Jackson Browne, Aerosmith, AC/DC and of course my all-time favorite, Tanya Tucker. I started singing for others at the age of 13 once I met a friend who happened to run karaoke. As a kid, I was quiet and shy. My mother would tell ya too, I could hardly speak without breaking into hives but for some reason singing was a different story.

Through the years I slowly started to break out of that shy shell once I got more involved with music. I began showing up for weekly karaoke with my friend and later joined an all-girl group called “SPAM” where I sang for 10 years. After becoming a momma, I reunited with my karaoke buddy and we then formed a vocal group called “Time Well Wasted”.

A few short years later I was talked into attempting the Big Country Showdown at Prairie Meadows, where surprisingly… I didn’t do too bad. Taking home 1st place and getting a handshake from Jason Brown can officially be crossed off my bucket list. Between all the karaoke nights, wedding songs, vocal contests and countless gigs… They’ve been fun but l have always wanted to be a part of one thing, a live band! Joining TrainWreck has been an awesome opportunity. New friends & lots of laughs (Seriously… there may be more laughing than music sometimes.)

Huge thanks to my family & friends for always being my biggest fans. And thanks to the TrainWreck crew for letting me drink beer & play music with them. CHEERS!

TrainWreck Indianola Iowa – Singer – Jess Howe