Jim Tupper

Jim Tupper’s introduction into music, which became his first love and focus of his adult career, began with guitar lessons at the age of 10. After moving to Indianola at 13, he played bass and drums in show choir as well as a high school rock band. At the same time he began running sound for Tim Naberhaus’ band and formed Ground Zero Productions. Through the 80’s, he played in bands and ran sound for local bands like the Rathbones, and too many others to list. He went on the road with B.B. King and toured with Buddy Guy and Patty Loveless. In 1990 he opened Ground Zero Music and continued to work with local bands and national acts. He designs and installs sound systems and is head engineer at Principal’s Blackbox at Simpson College. If you haven’t figured it out he is passionate about music! Music is all about fun and family and he shares this love with his wife Jennie (his second and greatest love whom he met at a local live music venue) and his four kids age 9-34 (they just kept coming….) and one grandson.

So just when I thought my nights of last calls with a band were over, along came TrainWreck. Here I go again…..

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