Tim Naberhaus

Tim’s love for music started at an early age – he began playing guitar as a child and switched over to bass in junior high. At 16 his band started playing at the local bars; and he started spending hours hanging out at DeVere’s Guitar Center & Studio, learning more about playing music and running sound.

Tim continued to play bass and run sound in various local bands into his twenties, while attending Simpson College as a theater tech major. He left Simpson to join a regional band called Strut, and toured approximately 4 years; after which he settled down, got married, and started a family.

Tim continued to run sound occasionally, as well as starting his own recording studio – Living Sound Studio. There he produced local, regional, and national commercials, along with recording and producing music for various musicians and bands. Eventually, this progressed into video production, and a TV Show called Bike People.

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